What to say when your child ask to remove unwanted hair

Most requested area of hair removal from kids

1. Brows: Whether it’s the dreaded unibrow or wild, unruly brows. More and more kids are seeking help from professionals to have natural, clean looking brows.

    Which method to choose: depends on your child. If they are using any kind of acne medication, tweezing is the best option. For boys, tweezing gives them a natural, clean look that doesn’t scream “I’ve been waxed!”

2. Lip: Lets face it, who wants unwanted hair on their upper lip. If your child has hair that bothers them and they ask to have it removed, then lets help them get rid of it. If they don’t notice it and/or it doesn’t bother them, then let it be and don’t point it out to them.

    Which method to choose: again, if your child is on acne medication, tweezing is best. However, removing hair in this area is uncomfortable for sure and waxing is the quickest method, as long as it isn’t contraindicated.  

3. Underarm: I see more and more kids who are getting underarm hair early. Since waxing and sugaring last 4-6 weeks, it’s a great option for long lasting results.   

    Which method to choose: waxing or sugaring are both great options for the underarm area.


  • My professional and personal recommendation

Parents often ask me what is an appropriate age to begin waxing (sugaring or tweezing). My answer has always been, “when your child has unwanted hair that bothers them.” 

I mean, being a kid has so many challenges and kids can feel so awkward in their own skin. So if they have hair that bothers them and they want it gone, then lets help them look and feel their best.

  • How we can work together

Talk to your child about the options they have for removing unwanted hair. See if they would like to try waxing, sugaring or tweezing.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Mechelle Webb, LMT