How often do you need to get a massage?

You’re doing your thing. Working. Working out. Training. Volunteering. Managing a home. Managing kids’ schedules. And all the countless things from morning to night to that keep your universe going

Then it happens. Something stops you in your tracks. Or slows your progress down significantly. Or causes you pain. etc. 

You know scheduling a massage will make you feel better by easing your pain and stress, and increasing your productivity.

The question is:  how often should you be getting regular massages?

If you’re in perfect health, have no pain, stress, or problems then a simple answer could be: schedule a massage every 4-6 weeks.

However, if you have pain, stress, and problem areas, then the answer can vary.

For some clients, they get better faster, with longer lasting results by coming twice a week. Once progress is made, then the client can start coming once a week, then biweekly, and then monthly. When you come in for your initial appointment, we can discuss what’s going on and develop your treatment plan.

We can adjust your plan as needed. Such as adding sessions during periods of high stress, peak training or other lifestyle changes that demand more from you. For instance, buying a house, having a baby, changing jobs, illness, etc.

Or, if you notice the pain, tight areas or stress returning in between sessions, then we will shorten the time between sessions. For instance, weekly or biweekly instead of monthly. Let’s say your problems areas include upper back, neck and shoulders. Let’s say this is caused from working at your desk 40+ hours/ week. Guess what, those areas are always going to be areas of concern for you. By finding the right massage treatment plan, you’ll be able to manage the pain and feel better! You don’t have to be in constant pain because of your job, workouts or training. You simply need the right treatment plan.

My goal is to guide you and help you stay on track so that you can have fewer interruptions in your daily life. After all, you have a universe to tend to!

Get started now! Schedule your first massage session and get to feeling your best!

I look forward to seeing you soon!